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This website was last updated on 31 January 2019


New Prices from 1 Feb 2019

Dingham prices were last increased in 2011 - 8 years ago - and, unfortunately, the time is overdue for another increase in prices.

With effect from 1 February 2019, prices will be as follows:
7mm coupler kit: 20.00
4mm coupler kit: 13.50
Electromagnet: unchanged at 5.00

UK postage is included in the above prices. For overseas postage, please enquire by email to couplers@dingham.co.uk


8 August 2018: Advertisement in GOG Gazette, August 2018

In the Dingham advertisement in the August 2018 issue of the Gauge O Guild Gazette, the publisher erroneously used artwork from pre-2011. Since 2011, the price of Dingham coupler kits has been increased. O gauge coupler kits are now 18 and 00 gauge kits are 12. Springs are no longer supplied. Please ignore the advertisement.


25 January 2018: PayPal

UK Law changed recently to make surcharges on payments by credit card, debit card and via PayPal illegal. I have therefore ceased levying a 5% surcharge on payments made to Dingham via PayPal. However, this has prompted me to review my costs, receipts and margins and I shall clearly have to increase prices very soon, for the first time since 2011.


15 January 2018: Springs

I'm sorry but I can no longer supply springs for fitting couplers to 7mm stock using the spring and split-pin method. The reason is because my supplier of springs has changed hands and the purchaser of the business is not interested in supplying my needs. Despite a prolonged internet search, I have been unable to find an alternative supplier.

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Dingham Autocouplers

The Dingham Autocoupler is probably the least obtrusive commercially available automatic coupler for model railway vehicles in 7mm scale (O gauge) and 4mm scale (00, EM and P4/S4). It also has the advantage of a delayed uncoupling action without the need to move the shunting loco back and forth to operate the delay mechanism.

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The Website

The website is meant to be informative. You should be able to find all the technical information you are likely to want about Dingham products. You can find prices and information on how to order. However, it is not possible to place orders through the website because I do not have credit/debit card payment facilities.  

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A Brief History of Dingham Products

All Dingham products originate from my own modelling needs. If I need something that's not already available, I try to develop it. For this reason, new products are few and far between because I've no ambition to duplicate what's already out there. 

In 1999, Skipton & District Railway Society my local club was in need of an improved automatic coupler for its Gauge 0 exhibition layout, Lofthouse in Nidderdale. That resulted in the development of the Dingham Autocoupler for Gauge 0, which first went on sale in February 2000. The coupler is now used on many Gauge 0 home and exhibition layouts. Later in 2000, in response to requests from customers, Electromagnets for remote actuation of the couplers were introduced, followed by Springs for fitting the Gauge 0 couplers by the spring and split-pin method.  

The  4mm Autocouplerwas introduced July 2002. It has been adopted not only by 00 and EM modellers, but also by those who aspire to the more exact P4/S4 standards.

The CAD-based Dingham etches are designed to minimise preparation time. Holes are etched accurately so that hardly any opening out with drills or broaches is required. Tabs holding components to the etch are as small as possible, so they can easily be cut without fear of damaging delicate components. Tabs are also carefully placed so that the "pips" can easily be removed with a file. 

Instructions are carefully thought out and well illustrated. They are tested by "typical" modellers making up the test etches. Even the packing has been given some thought and masking tape rather than cellulose tape is used, to eliminate the tiresome job of cleaning adhesive residues from metal parts after unpacking.  

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Ordering and Payment

I cannot accept direct payment by credit or debit card but I do accept payment via PayPal (click for more information). This allows anyone, in UK or overseas to transfer funds via credit or debit cards. The email address I have registered with PayPal is

Note: the above email address is an image and cannot be used as a link. 

UK Customers

UK customers may order products by:
sending a cheque or postal order (made out to T Shaw, please) through the post;

via PayPal.

UK orders are normally despatched by First Class post on the day received. 

Overseas Customers

Overseas customers should request their requirements via email, which will be answered by return with a price for cost of product, minus UK P&P (included in UK price) plus overseas P&P at cost.

Overseas customers may pay:
by cheque drawn on a UK bank, payable to T Shaw;
by banker's draft in pounds sterling (GBP);
via PayPal.

Overseas orders will be sent via Airmail Small Packet or equivalent service (3 - 7 days delivery almost anywhere in the world).

Especially for overseas orders, payment via PayPal is greatly to be preferred because it is the least expensive and most convenient method.
More details on the Payments page

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Contact Information

+044 (0)1943 831935
Postal address
24 Nursery Lane, Addingham, Ilkley, LS29 0TN, England
E-mail address for enquiries and correspondence
E-mail address for PayPal payments

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